The Credit platform has been developed in the most secure way so that you can get your personal loan in a quiet and reliable way.

“Lenders company like us works by helping people evaluate whether hiring a loan is even the best solution, in addition to that, it also works to reduce their rates more and reduce bureaucracy.”

Credit can be seen as a decisive factor in the development of the market, allowing investment in the creation of companies and making real dream goals. However, we find interest rates in Brazil that do not make lending so attractive. In this way, the goal of the our company is to work to change that reality and help make the loans more worthwhile.

It works by helping people evaluate whether hiring a loan is even the best solution, in addition to that, it also works to reduce their fees more and reduce bureaucracy. By optimizing this whole process for you, the work is done online.

On the one hand we have the people mentioned above, the one interested in taking out a loan, on the other, we attract more investors to the cause of the Creditserra.

Is it reliable and secure?

Is Creditserra reliable and secure?

The new platform has been developed in the safest way for you to have a smooth navigation, your site is reliable and the procedures are well structured.

The activities practiced are regulated by the Bank ( resolution 3,954 / 11 ), that is, follow the guidelines indicated by the regulatory body in granting credit, bringing reliability to its clients and businesses.

Another corroborating factor to expose the credibility of our business is the realization of partnerships of renown and great reliability in the market, (an innovative bank that directs its solutions to retailers, working with the value that people are the most important and the best value within a company).

The company also counts on a partnership (reference of company in the segment of services for sustainable credit); Function Informática (company specialized in the development of loan and financing systems, active in the market for 25 years offering solutions); and 12 other reputed companies that you can check on the website . All this to offer you the best support and service in loan analysis.

How does the loan work?

How does the loan in the Creditserra work?

You can carry out the simulation of your loan online and without obligation. This process is very simple, safe and practical. Remembering that the Credisphere does not charge any fee or amount at this stage.

You will make your registration on the institution’s website, entering some information necessary for a comparison between the institutions, in order to analyze the best type of personal loan for you, comparing terms, rates and payment terms.

After analyzing and concluding which loan makes the most sense to you, it is time to submit your proposal with ID and await.

Within 2 business days after sending the proposal you will receive the response by email and SMS, saying whether your proposal was accepted or not. If so, the contract is executed – which you should carefully read, sign and send, all online.

Required Documents in the Credisphere:

Required Documents in the Credisphere:

In any proposal you need a digital copy of the ID document with updated signature and with the same personal data present in your contract. The identification documents accepted are:

  • Driver’s license;
  • Identity (RG – General Register);
  • Foreigner’s license 
  • Professional identity 
  • Military wallets;
  • Passport.

In some cases, Creditserra may also request proof of income and proof of residence, in order to increase the chances of your proposal being accepted. These documents (examples of valid documents can be checked here ) may also be attached in digital form and must contain your name and address and have been issued no later than 3 months from the date of requesting the loan.

Costs to get the personal loan

Costs to get the personal loan

At Creditserra, loans range from R $ 3,000 to R $ 15,000, and to know the value of your loan related to your profile, you need to simulate the calculations on the Creditserra website.

The amount of the installments will be fixed, which will be paid per ticket, issued directly on the Creditserra website.

Step-by-step to make loan in the Creditserra

Step-by-step to make loan in the Creditserra

Registration – Initial Data

This is a registration, with login and password that only you have access. This data is important so that Creditserra knows the rate most appropriate to your profile and tailor our proposal to you. This initially created account is totally non-committal, no amount will be charged to you.

Custom Proposal

We have adjusted the interest rate to your profile, calculated by the personalized proposal. This procedure takes you to the best loan option (considering: amounts, payment terms, tax amounts and fees) suggested for your need.

Complementary Data

After choosing the best credit offer, at this point you will prepare your loan proposal, filling in the Creditserra website all the information required by the Bank and completing your proposal.

Sending documents

You will need a copy of your current signed identity document. Ready, your proposal can already be sent for analysis and within 2 business days a response will be sent by email and SMS.

Loan release

If your proposal has been accepted, just read carefully and sign the contract digitally. The installments will be paid via ticket. See how simple it is? It’s all done digitally, without complication and very practical.

Advantages of choosing the Creditserra

The most significant advantages when comparing loan conditions for Creditserra in relation to other institutions are rates well below those applied by most financial institutions, as well as partnerships with banks and entities of renown and credibility in the market.

Another very important advantage is the ease of hiring, sending the proposal quickly and without bureaucracy, everything can be done in an online, safe and efficient way, counting with the support of the Creditserra team, made up of competent people who really understand the model of business of the company and prepare proposals for solutions to our customers.

Creditserra Analysis on the Claim here

The Credisphere does not have a reputation rate listed on the site Claim here Because it has less than 10 complaints, this is great. In fact, the Creditserra consists of only 1 complaint, related to the difficulty of the customer to contact through the chat of the company’s website. Being that can be observed in the Complaint Here the rate of 100% of the complaints response.

Requirements for Personal Loan

The requirements for borrowing from the Creditserra platform are:

  • Have a valid CPF;
  • Be between 21 and 65 years old;
  • Hold a checking or savings account;
  • Possess personal use email;
  • Own active personal cell phone.

It is important to remember that you have to have the information of your identification document and the zip codes of residential and commercial addresses.

Information on interest rate and extra costs

As our process is 100% online, costs and interest rates are decreasing considerably compared to those charged on loans made in person at other financial institutions.

The interest rate will depend on the analysis of the credit profile of each client, and may vary from 3.4% per month to 8.9% per month. In addition to the interest, there are the following additional charges: IOF (Tax on Credit Operations, Exchange and Insurance) – it will already be estimated in your personalized proposal, and the Rate of your loan.